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Life Insurance
Life insurance is a valuable financial and estate planning tool to provide liquidity at death, 
as well as pass wealth to heirs, free of probate and income tax. There are several concerns, 
however. We can audit your policies to address these issues.
        1.Life insurance held in the name of the insured becomes part of the owner’s estate, 
             and might be subject to Federal Estate Tax.  
        2.Many policies currently in force have been based on old actuary tables, and, due 
             to the fact that people are living longer, might be able to be converted to a newer 
             policy, providing greater coverage with the same dollars.  
        3.Some policies actually expire worthless at some specified time, prior to death.
         1.  It may be possible to structure lifetime, tax free income.
         2.  The account value can be strucured to grow based on a stock-market index, without
              down-side risk--Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative!